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2018 reminder

In 2018 the same basic rules apply - lock entrance gates and doors - use window locks and shutters when necessary - install window grills and an alarm if possible - join a local NHW branch to keep up to date with any crime and scams that may be happening in your area - these steps will increase your safety and security.

Safety Advice

How to keep your home safe.  Try to evaluate the lighting in your home. Whether this means installing motion activation lights or simply leaving the TV on whilst you pop to the shops, (TV light came 4th in the top 10 deterrents) lighting is an effective means of keeping criminals at bay.  Lighting has proven to be an effective tool in home security: both motion activated lights and street lights act as useful deterrents. Unfortunately, only 24 per cent of UK adults say that they have motion activation lights installed – which highlights a great risk.  Both the sounds of a barking dog and a car alarm ranked 2nd in the top 10 home and vehicle burglary preventions (full list below). This shows man’s best friend can offer more than just companionship when it comes to protecting your property.  Unsurprisingly, criminals don’t like attracting unwanted attention. Thus, if you can gain attention at the point of thieves approaching your property, you are more likely to keep it safe.
A former criminals view -  I know all the tricks homeowners use to keep their homes safe, that’s why I find it shocking that research reveals 28% of us don’t take any precautions whatsoever. Luckily there are some very simple steps everyone can take to make our homes more secure and keep our valuables safe.  We spoke with bank robber turned journalist Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, who stressed the importance of taking simple steps to keep your valuables safe:  However, despite this, only 14 per cent of UK adults say that they have CCTV cameras installed in their home. To reduce the odds of being targeted, CCTV should be at the top of your list of things to consider. What’s more, if you are targeted, you could gain valuable evidence.  Our findings reveal just how important CCTV is in protecting your prized possessions. The panel stated that CCTV cameras are the biggest deterrents for thieves - CCTVThieves are opportunists and prefer to avoid tricky break-ins. So be smart and keep your home and car connected.  89 per cent of our panelists said that they would be deterred from targeting a smart home, and a further 67 per cent stated they would avoid connected cars.  Smart home and car systems don’t just offer convenience for the family, they can also offer you protection against burglars.

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